RIP Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown

We were sad to hear about the sudden passing of Brunswick local, Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown. Turbo was a kind and Gentle soul who was often seen around Brunswick and his presence in the area will be sadly missed.

Turbo was Latje Latje Man from Mildura area. A talented painter who had an amazing connection to nature and cultural identity. Turbo Brown was also known as a boxer, rapper and breakdancer during his lifetime. The nickname of Turbo dates from this period of his life.


“Animals are my friends; they come to me in my dreams.”
Trevor Turbo Brown, 2012


Image: Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown, Spirit daylight owls in springtime 2009, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 91.5 x 122.0 cm, Collection of Hans Sip, Melbourne.

Trevor will be buried in Dareton with his beloved Mother. A memorial service was held yesterday for the local community at Aboriginal advancement League. Celebrating the life and times of Turbo Trevor Brown…

16 Feb 1967 – 18th Jan 2017


Trevor “Turbo” Brown 2008 “Lyrebird Looking Up In The Forest”, acrylic on linen 122 x 92cms.

Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown| Artists| NGV

Japingka Gallery ~ Trevor Brown. Artist Profile & Paintings

Aboriginal Artist Trevor Turbo Brown


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