Korpus Guest Artist: JUDD RIPLEY

Judd Ripley is working his last day in Korpus today. Soon he will be heading back to QLD and then home again across the seas.

Mr Ripley has been enjoying his time in Oz catching up with friends, tattooing and squeezing in a spot of fishing when he has some free time.

Working on a mix of different sized pieces during his Guest Spot in Korpus. Judd is an amazing tattoo artist and it’s definitely worth taking the time to have a look at his work online. Follow the links below…..

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Judd is currently working in The Sailors Grave with his extremely talented wife Marija Ripley, and  the ever awesome H.D Nielsen. The Sailors grave also have a steady flow of Guest artists traveling through. You can check out the shop website for more examples of the amazing work The Sailors Grave are producing. View portfolios online and for further information on Guest Artists visiting the studio.

Judd has established himself as one of the best traditional tattooists around. An amazing talent and a great Guy to work with.

Korpus wish Mr Ripley all the best, and a safe trip home to Denmark.

Check out The Sailors Grave website:


Instagram: @juddripley


Here is some examples of the work Judd has been producing over the last few days in Korpus Studio…..




~ by korpus tattoo on March 29, 2013.

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