Korpus Tattoo vs 2012

Hello Everyone!

We are back! And its a brand new year!

A big thanks to everyone for following………I have so much to catch up on. I must give my apologies for being absent for so many weeks.

At the end of last year Korpus welcomed a new Tattoo Artist into the family. Spanish-born Alvaro Flores Mejias from Jerez in Southern Spain!

¨Welcome Alvaro!¨

Alvaro specialises in various styles including, Japanese Geometric style designs and Patternwork. Examples of Alvaro´s  work is already available to view on our website http://www.korpus.com.au and on the Korpus Tattoo facebook page. More on our newest member in future posts.

Everyone has been really busy during the Christmas break. Painting and drawing in between spending some time with family and friends. We hope you enjoy some of the fantastic new artwork everyone is creating.

In my next posts I will be including new Photos, Paintings, Tattoo Designs and Sketches and information on Future Events.

Korpus will be attending several Tattoo Conventions this year. Including Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo in March and New Plymouth in New Zealand in late November 2012.

For any Tattoo Convention enquiries please contact Korpus on 03 9388 8959 or email info@korpus.com.au

Steve Cross and Ozzy were representing Korpus at the Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo last year. The Expo was held over 3 days at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. There is some beautiful footage Directed by Steven Guzman and Shot by Steven Guzman and John Khilla featuring our very own Steve and Ozzy!

Check it out!

A big thanks goes out to Steve Cross and Brian Graydon for making Korpus a reality. It remains an inspiring and positive environment for anyone with a connection to the name.

Thanks again to everyone for the ongoing support over the years.

We hope to see you soon in the Studio!

~ by korpus tattoo on January 18, 2012.

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