The Brunswick show is here!

Hi everyone!

So its Saturday and your not sure what to do with yourself.

You could order pizza and sit on the couch in front of the TV, or………

You can come to the Brunswick show and support Korpus and our local artists!

“The Brunswick Show is an annual showcase of Brunswick’s visual art and creative bounty. This year to be held at Donkey Wheel House in Melbourne’s CBD, it will integrate 100 artists, covering a diverse range of disciplines including fine arts, sculpture, performance art, video art, photography, film, and sound art.

In its inaugural year, 2010’s Brunswick Show saw the birth of an idea; The idea that there are still places in Australia in which creative people can gather, network, grow, fail, learn and develop. One of these places is Brunswick.

The Brunswick Show is a showcase of quality artwork being produced prolifically from artists across a broad spectrum of the community.   From the professional, to the emerging, to the hobbyist, all fragments of the creative spectrum are to be found in Brunswick; A way of life which is proving increasingly rare and valued in our densely expansive cities.

After an overwhelmingly successful first year, The Brunswick Show 2011 see’s this simple idea develop into a showcase of over 100 artists from every corner of Brunswick coming together in the magnificent Venetian Gothic basement of Donkey Wheel House.

As creative areas across the country and the world are continually being broken up by poorly planned or greedy development;

The Brunswick Show acts as reminder of what we lose if we do not consider these seedbeds of creative endeavors as we buildMelbourneinto the future.

It is also a reminder that there is a strong, united creative mass in Brunswick producing great art and contributing to what makes up the meaningful and engaging city in which all Melbournians reside .”

TheBrunswickShow 2011

September 3rd – 13th

Donkey Wheel House 673 Bourke Street

OPENING NIGHT Saturday 3rd SEP, 6 – 10pm

FILM NIGHT Thursday 8th SEP 7 – 10pm

~ by korpus tattoo on September 3, 2011.

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